Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting Started with Blogger

Just like cockroaches are said to possess the ability to survive a nuclear holocast, blogging seems to be steadfast educational technology for teachers and students to engage in digital forms of literacy.  I encourage you to start blogging and keep in contact with parents, students, and the community.

In this video you demonstrate how to get to your already existing Blogger file with a Gmail account.   At the same time, I am trying to get you into the Chrome Web Store to access the Willy Wonka like apps and extensions to add to your Chrome browser.

iOS Tips from Haiku Deck

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Symbaloo to the Rescue

My school has been using a Templates folder to access links on a server for years and for awhile now it hasn't been working.  Last year around Winter Break, I started putting together a small list of the main resources needed and put together a Symbaloo page to work around the "broken" Templates folder.  Since we are starting a new year, why not use this Symbaloo webmix to access the commonly used websites.

All of the resources are organized into content areas by location on the Symbaloo page and by color.  For instance, the links at the TOP of the page with a PINK background are Literacy resources.  The link on the RIGHT that are BLUE are Social Studies resources.  The links on the BOTTOM that are RED are Math resources.  The links on the LEFT that are GREEN are Science resources.  Last, the resources in the MIDDLE and are WHITE are commonly used resources for testing and other miscellaneous resources used at Tri-Creek.  So, a more simplified explanation is as written:

  • TOP & PINK = Literacy Resources
  • RIGHT & BLUE = Social Studies Resources
  • BOTTOM & RED = Math Resources
  • LEFT & GREEN = Science Resources
  • MIDDLE & WHITE = Miscellaneous Tri-Creek Resources

This webmix can be embedded in your classroom blog if needed.  Just ask for assistance on embedding the webmix to a static page.  If you would like to customize the links to fit your classroom needs, I would also encourage you to attempt to build your own Symbaloo webmix.

If there are any websites you would like added to the Symbaloo webmix, please let me know in the comments section below or email me directly.