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The following information was compiled to provide teachers with a basic SMART start

More Dynamic

Interactive Whiteboards engage students visually and kinesthetically. Interactive Whiteboard technologies allow teachers and students (with the right software) to upload Flash Videos, Sound files, Pictures, Graphics, Web information, and interactive whiteboard lessons.

I have used a SMART board for the past four or five years. SMART lessons can easily be acquired from the SMART Board lesson exchange. Teachers are able to utilize presentation software like SMART Board Notebook, Keynote, PowerPoint, and Prezi on a regular basis. Basically, SMART Boards make it easy to incorporate new and old technology into the classroom. Power Point and Keynote are older software platforms. SMART Boards take features from this presentation software and make it more interactive with the SMART Notebook.  This interactive technology can provide a brighter future for learning.

Setting up The SMART Board Tutorial

If you don't have a wall-mounted board, here is a video demonstrating how to setup the SMART Board in your classroom.  This is a portable SMART Board; nevertheless, it is a fairly informative video.

Basic Tutorial

Here is a tutorial to demonstrate some basic SMART Board features.

Designing Lessons Tutorial

This clip demonstrates cool functions within the SMART Notebook software. It provides some basics for providing students with dynamic lessons.

Engaging and Creative Activities

The following video demonstrates a creative way to engage students with the interactive whiteboards.

This was an interesting video to demonstrate an erasing assessment to provide students with instant feedback.

SMART board Lessons and Activities

Training for Teachers

When learning new tech, always use YouTube (SchoolTube or TeacherTube) to search for tutorials.  It is an overlooked learning tool, which provides ample opportunities for learning.

If you take the time to learn how to effectively utilize the SMART Board, then you will learn there are many instructional and management-type benefits. There might be some hiccups; however, the board will soon be integrated within the classroom. If you need help, please contact me and schedule one-to-one assistance.

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