Sunday, March 11, 2012

Web 2.0: PLN's and Why they Work

"Did you find the end of the Internet yet?" I have heard this question as I browse through various web-related teacher resources.  The answer to this question is always, "No!"  It's like a never-ending-yellow-brick road on the way to OZ. 

Today, I found a new website through one of my social networking accounts.  I saw a post from @plnaugle.  As it does so often, my Personal  Learning Network (PLN) worked for me today.  Connecting and plugging into these social sites encourages learning on so many levels.  An older post of discusses the concept of a PLN further.  Use PLNs to learn, link, and discover the your professional potential.
    Follow the hypermedia path and grow professionally.  Just today, I noticed a intriguing tweet by @plnaugle.  The tweet mentioned inforgraphic, which is something that has caught my interest recently. So, I clicked and found this great infographic on Connected Learning.
    Connected Learning

    From the Connected Learning website, I saw an interesting photo, title, and last a video by Jabiz Raisdana (aka Intrepid Teacher).  On his website I saw this graphic by Andrew Churches. 

    I will leave you with a video that I found on the Educational Origami Wikispace page--created by Andrew Churches.  the last resource I watched on my path.

    So,connect to others with similar interests and learn. School isn't the only time we learn. In fact, it is truly limited piece of the pie. Encourage outside of school and create lifelong learners.

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    1. I love how clicking on one link from a member of our PLN will often lead us to another and then another resource. I'm glad I got you started on your learning journey today.