Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#2:00 EdTech Goals

Not too long ago, I was talking to my 18 year-old brother about developing an app (you know, just normal brother talk). Basically, my brother is a big time gamer, and I like bouncing ideas off him about game elements within eLearning projects or hypothetical game-based educational apps.

When I was walking out of his room, I saw the image above taped to his wall.  The post-it-note attached to the wall with electrical tape caught my attention.  I asked, "What's with 2:00?"  And after a few attempts to avoid answering my question, he eventually told me that is when he writes.  I think he was a little embarrassed to admit that he writes, and I wonder why.  Being a teacher, this absolutely made my day.

Of course, I had to probe deeper into this "2:00 thing," which could be the real reason he was hesitant on revealing what it was.  Eventually, he told me he had been writing a fantasy inspired by the video games (WOW and League of Legends) he plays and the books he reads.

We all need our 2:00 goals.  I sometimes have too many.  If you knew me on a personal level, you would know that I like to pose fabulous "I would like tos."  For instance, I would like to own my own a Coffee Truck, start-up an EdTech company, write a children's book, make animated short films, rebuild my dad's old motorcycle, write for comedies, and so on.  My problem is that I like to talk about these ideas more than act on them.

My latest 2:00 goal is to develop an educational game app for iOS.  I was thinking about using the MakeGamesWith.Us platform to get started, and then figure out how doable my idea is.  I tried a few things with Tree House when I had a free account, but I didn't force myself to sit down and learn.

Being a proponent for change in schools, especially with the use of EdTech, I hear the phrase, "I don't have time." But, it's a matter of making time.  Clearing out all of the unimportant and trivial tasks that fill our days is a must.  Make time!

Then, to ensure your goals are being met, go public with these goals and make sure people know what you are attempting to complete.  As I gear up to take a stab at app/game development, I will try to post my reflections occasionally.  I don't know if what I make will be educational at first, but I need to just try.  And if it is too difficult, I can maybe just hire and/or partner with an app developer, like the following cartoon suggests.

With New Year's resolutions knocking on our doors, people will be writing or talking about how to achieve their goals for 2014 over the next few weeks.  But regardless of the New Year Resolution bandwagon, making time for your goals is more important than making wild "I'd like to..." statements.

My 2:00 is about taking action and finishing my personal goals.  I need to start completing or at least making progress toward these goals.  That's why I am going to dedicate a specific time at least weekly to accomplish at least one of my goals.

What is your 2:00?