Sunday, March 11, 2012

web 2.0: Prezi


Presentations using Power Point can lull a crowd to sleep faster than a satisfied baby. Maybe that's what it is: we satisfy our expected "norm" (Power Point) associated with a presentation. We know what to expect. Several slides are displayed and even the more engaging presenter can lose a crowd if the visual aide is not dynamic enough.  Liven up your presentation and keep the audience in engaged like they were watching a $500,000 firework display.

 I think a presentation or speech should include:
  1. Videos, 
  2. Pictures, 
  3. Info-graphics,(check out The Cool Infographics Blog)
  4. Web-links, 
  5. Stopping points to interact throughout the presentation. 

Prezi for Presentations

So, what is Prezi?

  • It's a "game-changer!"  
  • It's dynamic!  
  • It's eye-candy!  
Basically, it's not Power Point or Keynote!  For now, because it is different, it provides a much more engaging format than overused presentation tools.  Here is an image of features users receive from Prezi.  I pointed to two features with arrows.  The blue arrow answer a question I get a lot.  can I save the Prezi to my computer or do I have to use the Internet to access the slideshow.  Well, to still answer this question, you can save the presentation to your computer.  The second red arrow displays the collaborative efforts of Prezi.  Regardless of a colleagues location, you can work together on a Prezi.  

Getting Started with Prezi

The Prezi website is fairly user-friendly in regards to training and providing tutorials for beginners.  Well, if you want to learn about Prezi with video tutorials, then go to the Learn tab.   If you would like to learn with procedural-based picture tutorials, go to the Manual section of the Prezi site. The staff at Prezi really put together everything you need to learn about Prezi. 

In terms of pricing, there are educational plans. To get a "Pro Account" it is only $59/year. However, my free account has provided me with sufficient features. If you want to go pro contact the Prezi sales team (  Here is a pic from their website from the edu-accounts.

Create A Great Prezi

Prezi's founder Adam Somlai-Fischer put together this Prezi to provide users with tips on How to Create a Great Prezi

Overall, challenge yourself and change your presentations.  Don't be satisfied with amazing content.  Amazing content with a great visual aide can easily be overlooked.
  • Make it so learners can become more visually involved.  
  • Also, make them physically involved. 
  • While your at it, make them cognitively involved. 
Anything to engage the audience.  How else can you engage an audience?  Get rid of the "Zzzzz's"

...and add some "Awwww's."

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