Sunday, November 20, 2011

Web 2.0 in the Classroom

baby squirrel

There is a lot of information here. Like a squirrel, eat what you can and store the rest for the long winter.

Web 2.0 Tools and Other Resources

  1. Online paper (Make your own newspaper)
  2. Prezi (Make visually enticing presentations. Here is a Prezi I'm developing on writing explanations in math. It is just way cooler than PowerPoint)
  3. Evernote (Take notes)
  4. Vuvox (Create your own digital slideshows, presentations, or stories)
  5. Animoto (Create your own digital slideshows, presentations, or stories)
  6. Poll Everywhere (Use cell phones to collect data.)
  7. Digital Vaults (Historical information from the National Archives)
  8. Wix (Create a free website)
  9. Weebly (Create a website)
  10. Evansville Tech Resources (Teacher resources from Evansville,IN)
  11. Glogster (Posters?)
  12. Posters (Create posters with students)
  13. Xtranormal (Create digitally animated movie)
  14. Pixton (Create comics)
  15. Primary Pad (Record in real time single document collaboration)
  16. Live Scribe Pen (Record your regular notes with this USB pen; then, upload your scribbles)
  17. Google Hangouts
  18. Storify (online stories)
  19. Smyface (text a your feelings and opinions with a funny face)
  20. Voki (create speaking avatars)
  21. Edmodo ('secure' social network)
  22. Issuu (digital publication with pages that flip like a book)
  23. Kidblog ('secure' blogosphere for students)
  24. Popplet (concept mapping)
  25. Little Bird Tales (digital picture stories like podcasts)


        This was made in 2009, but it is important to realize how the world is changing into a digital playground and workplace. Learners need to be prepared for the 21st Century.

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