Thursday, December 22, 2011

When Tech Goes Wrong: YouTube

Occasionally, I use YouTube to hook and/or inspire students, but I have a problem with what shows up after the video is done playing.  It hasn't happened within my class, but it has happened during teacher training sessions.  Watch the following two clips or skip to the end.  Then, see what happens with the collage of videos being advertised at the end. 

Both videos are fine and there aren't any issues with what Mr. Jobs says.  The problem comes about once the videos conclude.  YouTube likes to advertise other videos that are associated with the original video.  However, one of the videos being advertised seems to be completely unrelated. 

I like how the first Steve Jobs video is put together, and it conveys his message in a succinct, edited version.  However, a video image connected at the end is inappropriate for fourth graders. So, I chose the second version, which isn't as engaging for a 10 year-old.

The following example just demonstrates how teachers need to be vigilant.  Two methods to help avoid this issue include the following tips.
  1. Watch the video clips in their entirety
  2. Use SaveTube and save a copy of the video on your hard drive
We have to protect our careers and public image. Here's what I saw. 

I have seen worse, but I wanted to voice my concern about this issue.  Is there another way around this YouTube problem?

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