Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Web 2.0: URL Shortener

Like with Twitter, these web tools help shorten a long URL and make it easy on the eyes.  Twitter's micro-blogging made is necessary to cut down on the number of characters a URL would use.  Emailing or posting links can get a bit messy.  So, shortening a web address has become somewhat necessary.  Some of the services below allow for customizable URL's and tracking services determine the number of times it was used.
  1. Google URL Shortener 
  2. bitly
  3. TinyURL 
  4. Cligs
  5. SnipURL
If you perform a search for URL shorteners, you will soon notice that there are several services out there.  But these are some of the most popular and/or reliable.  After finding this to be a fairly necessary web tool for techie-teachers, I found a blog post on the 11 Tools to Shorten URLS by Lee Odden. So, if you want more information, find it on the web.  It's out there.  Then, share the ed-tech tools you locate with a tiny URL. 

Just Search It!

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