Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kidblogs - Connecting with Classrooms

Because Kidblogs is password protected gated community for blogging, teachers need to go into their settings and allow other classrooms to read posts and to write comments.  To promote connections over networks and global-scale projects, blogging provides an easy platform for teachers and students to engage in 21st Century communication skills.   Many of the teachers within my district are using Kidblogs to connect with classrooms for the Global Read Aloud.  But, they are also connecting across the district and between grade levels.

Here is a how-to on connecting with other classrooms through Kidblogs.

After setting up your connections within the control panel.  Your students will be able to view the other classrooms blog through the Blogroll links displayed below.  If the procedures were followed within the above video by both teachers, students should be able to view the other classrooms' posts and make comments on them.

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