Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tellagami App

Use the Tellagami app on your iPads or Android device to record and share messages with your students via Twitter, Email, Text message, or through a link on your preferred website.  For my school district, I would suggest making the Gami and sharing it through Edmodo, Moodle, or Blog post.  For the teachers with iPads, I would suggest using a QR code or the Chirp app.

As you can see my Gami below, I used it to provide my students with an writing prompt.  It's a completely generic after-break prompt, but you get the idea of how to use it in the classroom.  Classroom activities for using this tool:
  • Greetings
  • Class assignments
  • Writing prompts
  • Short stories
  • Reflections
  • Exit slips
  • Messages to class when out for the day

Sample Message to Students

Sample Message to Teachers

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  1. Tellagami looks like a fun tool. Students love the idea of creating avatars. With Tellagami, they can not only create an avatar, but now their own voice can be attached. Tellagami seems like a very intuitive tool. It can be the "hook" that teachers need to keep all students engaged when introducing a new concept.