Friday, December 20, 2013

Conferencing with Students - Literacy and EdTech Collaborative

The Sarah Taylor and I recently held a session after school to demonstrate how to utilize web-based and application-based tools to improve data collection during student conferencing.  My "Tech Ideas" section was very basic, but provided ways to track information gleaned from student conferences.  Basically, I demonstrated how to use Evernote or Google to record anecdotal records from students.  If I was still in the classroom, I would most likely use my iPad or MacBook to track conference "noticings" using one of the Google apps.

With Google Forms, a basic conference form could be set up initially and your notes could be added for each student.  Then, when your notes are completed, the form can be submitted and the browser refreshed to fill out a blank form for the next student.  When the form is submitted, the data populates into a Google Sheet, which could then be accessed to search and sort through the data.    

Toward the end of the slideshow below, I included basic examples of what this could look like with Google products.  But, don't neglect to look through Sarah Taylor's slides on conferencing during Writer's Workshop.

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