Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Graphite - Get Ideas for #DLDay

With Digital Learning Day fast approaching, I wanted to share a website that may provide you with ideas for this years #DLDay.  The image above displays one review from the Graphite site, and it looks like Quandary didn't rate well from this teacher.

Graphite is one of the many free services from Common Sense Media.  The site works from crowdsourcing classroom ideas/reviews from teachers and has only been around since last summer when they were offering gift cards to provide a certain number of reviews.  As USA Today deemed it, Graphite is basically Yelp for teachers.

Graphite provides teachers with an overview and review of different apps, games, websites, and curricula for the classroom.  There is also a board feature to collect resources as you find them within Graphite.  The board feature will most likely appeal to Pinterest users.  This site lets teachers filter items fairly easily in order to locate instructional technology tools that work for their unique classrooms.

For more information head over to the Graphite website or if you have vetted Graphite let me know what you think of this site in the comment section below.  The following video does a fairly good job of describing the website and Graphite's mission.

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