Monday, February 17, 2014

Gaming in the Classroom

Here is a GBL infographic from It's an older graphic however it points out a variety of positive aspects for the use of games in the classroom.

As educators, we should remain sceptical of gaming in the classroom. Sid Meier considers a game a series of meaningful choices and that is what teachers need to make meaningful instructional choices when attempting to incorporate games into the classroom. Many teachers have been using video games (or even just video game elements) to promote student engagement, classroom discussions, student reflection, and student creation. Over the next year, I believe the concepts and conversations around Game-Based LearningSerious Games, and Gamification will become more serious trends for education.

The corporate world has really taken gamification seriously as an engagement and motivation tactic to keep customers coming back. But, its use in the classroom has been relegated to afterschool clubs and/or free time during the day. Why? Is it because gaming is the enemy that keeps students from doing classwork? Are many video games too violent to be considered educational? Are they dismissed as only fun? What do you think about Gaming in the Classroom?

Gaming in the Classroom
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