Sunday, February 2, 2014

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

I came a across a Tweet the other day and found this chart of four levels of questioning by @michellek107. It demonstrates two things for me.

MT @MrsTelie: Love this questioning graphic by @michellek107 #INeLearn” 
— Daniel Gibson (@hoosier_teacher) February 1, 2014

First of all, the chart is presented in a "fun" way to get kids to pay attention to the different levels. There are tangible concepts attached to each of the levels. For instance, students all know what robots, detectives, judges, and inventors are or can relate to these concrete examples after a quick explanation. Rather than assigning professional terminology to each level, these are all written in kid-friendly language.  So yea, this chart could be a all right resource the classroom, but more importantly it demonstrates the importance of teachers leveraging the power of Social Media.

Secondly, this find demonstrates why Twitter is awesome. If teachers become an active user, follow different EDU Hashtags, and/or participate in Tweetups, Twitter can provide invaluable resources to improve the teaching profession. It draws on a collective intelligence that is made up of a network of teachers across the world. We need to develop this community of sharers and ask more teachers join to strengthen our professional learning networks. So, start searching the Twittersphere for help, resources, or connections with like-minded professionals, and give it more than one day to learn how to navigate through this tool.

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