Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fire, Phone, and Footage

Adobe Edge is something I want to play around with because of its ability to create flash-like interactions using HTML5 content, which makes its output much more mobile friendly. To start learning. I sat by the fire tonight, got eaten by mosquitos, started watching different video tutorials on YouTube, and I created a playlist to keep track of what I watched. Since I was all by my lonesome self, I was able to watch quiet a few videos and parts of other videos. Here's my playlist with an ever growing list of Adobe Edge and other eLearning Strategies I am researching. YouTube playlists represent a powerful and most likely overlooked informal learning tool. Here are my suggested playlist steps:
  1. Make a list title representing what you want to learn
  2. Watch videos for what is needed (don't have to watch an entire 58 minute webinar)
  3. Re-watch procedures as needed.
Essentially it was easy as one, two, three learning with my YouTube teacher.

Edge Resources

This is just a list of sites I found while scouring the web.

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