Saturday, February 11, 2012

Web 2.0 Tools: Glogster

Remember the days of presenting with poster board. Wait, are you still using poster boards?  Limit the amount of paper you are wasting by having your students attempt to make a Glog with Glogster. 

A glog is similar to a blog; insofar as, providing content in a hypermedia-interactive media linked through various sources of information.  However, a glog is much more image-based.  So, visual learners would benefit from using this web tool.  I have had two students construct glogs as for classroom projects.  The links to the projects are below. 

To be a Geek or to be a Nerd?  That is an interesting question.  Which is a more noble cause? I really liked this info-graphic, and I liked the comparison of these similar, yet surprisingly different, lifelong learners.

I know it isn't a Glogster, but it is an attractive informational image.  However, it isn't interactive like a Glogster.  How can content-rich-info-graphics be used within the classroom?  Think of a project to capitalize on this instructional medium.  Challenge students to create graphics online with worthwhile information. Make it cool to be a geek/nerd. Make it cool to learn.

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