Monday, July 14, 2014

One-to-One Training with Final Cut Pro

George Melies HoosierTeacher

Apple offers a fairly cheap form of training - Apple's One to One - provided you pay $99 with a purchase of certain devices. These trainings aren't extremely conducive to learning when you and your "trainer" are constantly sidetracked by the random things happening around you. Being the oldest of five kids, I can tolerate a lot of distract while working, studying, reading, [insert additional focused activities]. But, it was busy in the Apple store today. So then, I heard my wife's name called - for some reason I cannot get my name to replace her name on my Apple ID - and I see an seasoned gentlemen approaching me realizing I was Mary. I signed up for Final Cut Pro today to and I wanted to get some basics, terminology, andAt first glance, I thought to myself how is this trainer Apple Geek (I mean genius) going to teach me anything. Then, to my surprise, he demonstrated how little I knew. I have put together quiet a few videos and a lot of them decent as an extremely-amateur filmmaker. I thought it was a worthwhile service, but the verbiage and subtle organizational techniques suggested were monumental moments during this session. He was clear and extremely patient. Overall, everything discussed in the initial session will provide the foundation needed to become a well-rounded instructional filmmaker. I say initial because I would like to return to discuss specific issues I have encountered, but I wanted a basic ground-up overview today with random pro-tips thrown in occasionally. With all eLearning developers, video editing skills even at their most basic levels are essential when designing and developing online learning materials. Am I looking to become a pro video editor, no. But, these are skills to sharpen as I create my own experiences with eLearning.


  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Great session
  • Geared toward what you want/need
  • Spent additional time talking with me away from the One to One area


  • Start 5 minutes late
  • Start to wrap-up 10 minutes early
  • Other genius' just randomly interrupt
  • Other clients eavesdropping and talking loudly around you

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