Saturday, July 5, 2014

Possible Slides for an eLearning Project

So awhile back, I received funding to create a Mobile Media Production Studio, which allowed me to purchase items for students to create. And that's what they did. They created video and audio files using these tools but they didn't limit themselves to this bag of tools. Students learned how to use the items in this "production studio" effectively but teachers didn't fair so well. Many teachers didn't understand how all of the items within this kit came together to create some type of media. With students already using MacBook Airs, these items were meant to enhance their ability to create These items included:
  1. Green Screen - to change the background
  2. Snowball Microphone - to record quality audio compared to the internal microphone on a MacBook Air
  3. iPod Touch - Video and audio recording with several different apps
  4. External Hard Drive - Storage for students and teachers to transfer content between devices
The following template was created to demonstrate how the easy it would be to provide a simplistic explanation for how these tools can be used. Now, it's just a matter of filling in these empty slides and possibly adding other elements to the final product.


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