Sunday, January 29, 2012

Web 2.0 Tools: Wordle


With the Wordle website, students can create a word graphic and submit it online for the gallery. Each word's size usually correlates to how frequently it occurs in a text.  There are two main ways to create a Wordle.  First, a text can be copied and pasted into text box, or a URL can be pasted into the Wordle text box.  Check out the following video tutorials on using Wordle:

Here are some teaching ideas on how to utilize this website:
  1. One use for this site could include finding necessary vocabulary on certain subject.  They could be required to locate information in a content area from several sources of information.  Then, the text could be placed into the Wordle text box.  
  2. I thought it would be interesting to revise writing. After pasting their writing into the text box, Students could see what words are being overused. Then, if warranted, students can remove or replace overused words with synonyms. 
  3. Lastly, I thought about using this tool for locating main ideas and supporting details within a writing.   
  4. Have students practice words they misspell often.
  5. Teachers or students could develop Wordles to introduce a topic they are presenting. 
Here is an expample of the pasting the Declaration of Independence into Wordle. This could be a great introduction graphic for students to analyze.
Wordle: Dec of Inde.
What other possibilities are there for learning with Wordle?

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