Sunday, January 29, 2012

Web 2.0 Tools: Animoto

Creative! Motivating! Authentic!

Animoto is basically a dynamic slideshow tool.  Animoto takes images, text, video clips, and music from your chosen file folder and creates a dynamic presentation.  In addition, the user can also provide voice recordings instead of just music.  For Mac users, Garage Band, could provide excellent voice recording and music mixing results.  Basically, teachers and students could use these features to tell digital stories.  

But wait there is more, presentations (student-centered or teacher-centered) can be creative and content doesn't have to be as stagnant as a swamp.   Content can be presented in a dynamic and entertaining slideshow.  Students could be provided the opportunity to use Animoto for a project. Encourage students to use Animoto create classroom projects.

These features are motivating for today's students.  Teachers and students can create videos within seconds.  The production process is setup in a 3-step process.  The first step to getting started is signing up for a free educator account.  We, teachers, get the full features of a Plus Animoto account for free.  Check out this educator special on Animoto's site

Watch the following 60 second video that provides you with a brief overview of Animoto.  It also provides you with an example of what is possible with this creation tool.

Wasn't that entertaining? Motivate students creativity with the use of Animoto for their presentations, digital stories, and other content area projects.

What other suggestions do you have for the use of Animoto in the classroom?  Also, if you are reading this last line and haven't clicked any of the above Animoto links,  why not?  I demand you click at least one!

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